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We have accumulated many templates and shortcuts to allow your charter school to succeed in the initial application process and to help you run your school throughout the years. Please contact us to gain access to the private charter school resources content.


Charter School Authorizers

Quiz for Authorizers.  How well are you serving your district with authorization?  Take this charter school authorization quiz and find out.

Charter Board Meeting Observation Form. Periodically a charter school governing board has issues that heighten governance issues for the authorizer. This CSS Charter Board Observation Form is used in charter schools where there are issues of concern. The form provides a format to document board meetings.

Charter Schools

Robert’s Rules of Order for Charter School Boards. A quick reference guide that every charter school governing board member should take to board meetings. This Robert’s Rules Handout is a must for board members chairing meetings.

Robert’s Rules of Order: Questions & Answers. Don’t know how to handle a situation during a board meeting? This resource has the most commonly asked questions and the way to handle each situation.  Robert’s Rules Q & A

Charter School Governing Board Agreement. Every charter school board should use an agreement, signed annually, to ensure common expectations and norms. WWA Board Handbook

Board Self-Evaluation. It’s considered a best practice for charter school boards to evaluate themselves at least annually. WWA Board_Self_Evaluation

Common Core

Publications by Charter School Solutions

Using New Tools to Improve Charter School Authorization

Effective Financial Reporting, see page 10.

Helpful Links

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School Choice for Kids

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