Charter School Support

Charter School Training

  • Board training needs assessment
  • Special topic training
  • Facilitated discussion on how to implement learning achieved through training
  • Contact us to help your board with reps significant benefit from the board training modules for the state of Colorado

Charter School Coaching

  • Attendance at board meetings for “just in time” consultation
  • Agenda setting matched to the vision
  • Increased meeting efficiency and effectiveness
  • Incorporation of charter school governing board best practices
  • One-on-one coaching with the board president
  • Crisis management consulting
Charter School Strategic Planning

  • Planning facilitation
  • Implementation aligned with the vision
  • Corollary tools such as a board dashboard
  • Alignment with other documents such as the lead administrator evaluation instrument
  • Alignment to board self-assessment
  • Implementation through policy alignment

Charter School Policies

  • Review
  • Research for new policies